You’re here looking for something.

What exactly that is, I’m not sure of yet.
BUT we believe it is to help your business…

Increase Profitability

Give us 15 minutes and we’ll teach you 3 strategies that will definitely increase your profitability right now. But you have to take the fist step…

by Talking to Us.

Attract More Customers

This conversation may take a little bit longer, but we have several strategies and techniques that consistently attract qualified sales ready leads for our clients.

Want to discuss that too?

Improve Performance

Call us and we can discuss all the opportunities for improving your business right now. This will help you decide what is right for your budget, priorities, and timeline.

You owe it to yourself to make an informed decision.

We help B2B service-based businesses Increase Revenue
by Maximizing Lifetime Customer Value
by assisting you in Improving ROI On Your Marketing Efforts.

How We Help You Grow

How will you help me CREATE growth?

We believe that growth can never be effectively address by a single-area solution designed to solve one problem, for one company, in one circumstance, for one customer.

At BestFit Solutions we help you integrate ALL the tools, systems, and STRATEGIES you need to CREATE GROWTH.

See the FAQ section to answer some of your questions.

What does MANAGE growth even mean?

Growth can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t prepared for it. Not only that you might not know how to actually grow beyond the capacity you already have in place. We help you assess and implement a full range of solutions for data systems, workflow areas, process flows, job roles, and target growth opportunities. By assessing this full range of areas we can get a better idea of what needs improvement or change.

Find out how we match the solutions we provide to not only what you need but what will work for your company with Business Development Consulting.

Why do I need to AUTOMATE for growth?

In our experience, one of the biggest critical elements to expansion and growth, is proper and effective automation. We’ll look at CRM’s to track information about your clients, prospects, lead times, and more. Additionally, automation needs may extend to service tracking, email communication, business processes, and much much more. Nearly every business has at least some need for automation to ensure scaleability, deliverability, and value add to it’s products and services.

See the FAQ section to answer some of your questions.

How can I SUSTAIN my growth once I get it?

The holy grail for any business is to grow rapidly and keep growing – forever. Of course, you know that’s harder to accomplish and maintain than any of us might care to admit. With the right preparation though it can still be accomplished.

Sustaining growth is about knowing your clients so well that you constantly have another cup to offer them. This means knowing what your clients need, having that next offer available to them, and evolving with your clients and the market as it grows and changes. Being able to do this successfully comes first from understanding your client base very clearly and second from having the proper business intelligence available to you. This business intelligence can be an easy outflow of your automation and tracking process.

Find out how a No Hype approach rather than marketing hype you can’t deliver on can make sure your clients keep coming back for more results.

Is it even possible to PREDICT my growth?

Yes – well, probably not with 100% accuracy. But with the right information, the right planning, the right strategies, and the right actions you can get a fairly solid idea of what will happen and how to prepare for it. Two of the biggest challenges for businesses are death-by-growth and death-by-stagnation. Both are related to poor prediction of growth. If your business is stuck here, or you want to avoid getting stuck, the you need to put the right tools and actions in place now so you can get the components above and ultimately take the best course of actions tomorrow to predict and prepare for consistent growth.

Prediction is all about having the right information and the right strategy to create a high confidence on results. Discover the difference between strategy and tactics.


Keep reading below and we’ll attempt to answer that question. But here’s more clarity. We DON’T BELIEVE IN HYPE. You’ll always get an honest, direct, opinion or answer from us about whatever question you’ve asked Also, you will get NO SALES PRESSURE from us. We’ll tell you if we can help you or not and assist you in finding the criteria to base your decision on. After that, it’s all up to you. Additionally, we believe TRUE BUSINESS GROWTH IS NOT INSTANTANEOUS and you’ll never hear us talk about an instant-anything. Lastly, we are constantly focused on YOUR BEST INTEREST. You’ll never catch us recommending something just to make us more money – it’s bad for our reputation.

We take great pride in being CALL IT AS WE SEE IT, LET YOU DECIDE consultants. Our reputation and testimonials speak for themselves. But your best way of assessing how we are different… is to TALK WITH US. We have proven over and over that in UNDER 30 MINUTES YOU’LL GET WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT US!

Why it’s hard to differentiate who can help you…

You search and surf the web, flying from one website to another, desperately trying to find the information you need to attract more leads and customers, improve your profits, and grow your business.

Too Fast Decisions

Research says you will spend less than 30 seconds here determining whether my team and I can help you or not. Is that really enough time for you to make that decision?  You might read some more this site; but most likely fly off to another site and repeat the process all over again.  Of course, if you do that; then neither of us will know whether BestFit Solutions can help you or not.

The Reality Is…

Because we have evolved into a society with expectations of instantaneous results.  But, True Business Growth Is NOT Instantaneous.

So…  You can continue wasting more of your time, effort, and money as you sift through all the marketing hype that fills the worldwide web today. Trying to determine in less than 30 seconds, on any site, whether their hype is true and will help you.

Plan B

Stop chasing over hyped magic silver bullets that seldom help you and spend a few minutes talking to us.  It will almost always get you closer to actually getting the results you want. If we can help, we’ll tell you. If not; we’ll tell you that too and make some recommendations for where to look next.


Do YOU know what you want?

You’re here looking for something to help you grow your business. What is that specifically?

We can only guess because we have no idea what kind of help you need right now. We might get it right in some cases, but mostly we will guess wrong. Again because right now you’re just a visitation hit in our log file, with only an IP address, a date and time stamp. No real information and definitely no information about what you want or need.

Where The “Experts” Get It Wrong

Every marketing consultant tells us, and you too if you’ll listen, that we should have page upon page of convincing words that address all your questions, eliminate your fears and convince you to spend your money with us.

The first problem we see with that is almost all of it will be marketing hype that you probably won’t read anyway.

The second problem is that it takes a ton of time away from what we really love to do.

What We LOVE To Do

Which is helping people, like you, achieve their goals and get their most desired results.

Can we help you too?   We don’t know yet and neither do you.

But there is a way to find out. if you spend a few more minutes and read just a little farther.

Or better yet, call us and let’s talk about the specific problems you have and the results we can help you achieve. After all, you want real answers, right?


We have a big dose of reality to share with you about growing your business.


That reality is “There is no MAGIC BULLET that allows you to: increase your sales revenue growth, grow your business, or get all the leads you want in 30 days or less, by working 2 hours a week, or even 15 minutes a day.

PERIOD, end of story!

If that is what you are looking for then move on now, because reading the rest of this page is just going to be a waste of your time.

Why Hype Still Works (Even If It’s FALSE)


The truth is that although everyone *wants to believe* there are “Make Me Rich Today”, “Drive a Million leads to my website in a week” , or  “this _________ (Software/program/coaching/ enter the claim you hear) made $87,000 in 1 week for a Stay at Home Mom with no business experience, no computer, and no internet connection” . . .

. . . the sad truth is that these claims still work
(even on people you wouldn’t think it would work on).

Bang Head Here

  • It works on smart people and a lot of not-so-smart-people.
  • It works on people with graduate degrees.
  • It especially works on people who have no business experience at all.
  • It works on people who have been in business for a while.
  • It works on most of the people who complain about marketing hype and scams. (that’s why they’re complaining about it in the first place . . . they’ve been scammed before).
  • It works on smart people and a lot of not-so-smart-people.
  • It works on people with graduate degrees.
  • It especially works on people who have no business experience at all.
  • It works on people who have been in business for a while.
  • It works on most of the people who complain about marketing hype and scams. (that’s why they’re complaining about it in the first place . . . they’ve been scammed before).

And there is a really good chance, to at least some extent; it has worked on you too at some point. That may even be how you got to this page to begin with.

We know it has caused us to purchase more than few items ourselves.
(That is something we are not proud to admit in most circles)

We’ll even share that with you…

How Do We Know This Hype Works?

In today’s business environment you want professionals like Dave Brydson on your team.   It’s that simple.

Mike Shafer - Kennametal

As an IT professional Dave is in my estimation completely capable of delivering the services he provides with a high level of customer satisfaction. While an excellent qualification, it is not as unique as the other vital skill Dave brings to his work; which is solid understanding of the needs of each customer, how best to serve them and a no-BS manner in doing so. If you like dealing with no fluff, and to the point, skilled professionals; Dave is the professional you should be considering.

– Mike Shafer of Kennametal

CRM Consulting
Business Development & Growth
Automation Design and Implementation
BerryAngel has helped me understand that I have way too much on my plate and that I have to let go of the things that don’t inspire me, don’t feed me, don’t nurture me. Now I have a good system in place to keep me focused and I know my purpose, why I’m in this business and what I want to get out of it. If you want to make some significant changes in the way you work on your business, Angel will help!

-Berry Kruijning of Crowning Communications

Revenue Growth
Priority Management
Improved Productivity
avatar-male-2s2k77cehgfozrr9cpitqiDavid and his team should be a top choice by any company seeking to maximize their IT investment.  His industry knowledge coupled with his innovative approach to streamlining processes and better integration of new or existing applications, will be an asset to any company trying to move forward in today’s economy.

– Gary Jones of Oregon National Primate Research Center

Marketing Automation
Performance Improvement
Business Process Design

What People Say About Us


David is all about helping companies to grow and increase profit.

His recommendations to clients are practical and effective, drawing on his broad business experience and best practices.  There is no one who understands business processes and business automation better.

He will give you the blunt truth that you need, but so seldom get, and do so gently. I have seen him turn down business being pressed on him by clients, because it wouldn’t move the client forward.

I trust David, and cannot say that about many in the business world.

–  Tom Daly 
President at T.G. Daly & Associates, Inc


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